robert fulgham jr
yeah, i really did that...and learned a few lessons

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                                                                          do you know where you are going in life?

              do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast?

                                                                                                                                                is the world still new to you...and secretly...a little scary?

do you ever feel like you're in a room full of "friends" yet no one there really knows who you are...the real you?

         does the statement, "if you really knew me, you wouldn't like me or be my friend." sound like something you might want to say but you're too afraid?

if you answered yes to any of these questions, i'm building this site for you.

                                        my passion, my purpose in life is to mentor and to father young men to be the men that God created them to be.

i've made the mistakes, i've felt lost and alone, i've wished that someone would be there for me when it seemed my world was crashing in on me.  a time came when even i wanted to end it all...  i understand and you are not alone.

many young men from a variety of backgrounds and social standings have trusted me with some of their most personal stories...the stories that they wouldn't tell anyone for fear of rejection by their friends and peers.  believe me when i say that those stories are never told to anyone else.  don't even ask for names of young men that have come to me because i won't be sharing that information either.  many of these young men have come to live with me because they needed a safe place to live, needed help staying out of trouble, needed to get away from their usual friends and drug influences, or they just needed to know that someone cared about them for who they really are.  i've received phone calls from young men that were living hours away and had met me years before who called asking permission to come live with me.  the youngest was 14 years old...the oldest was 28.  now obviously minors were brought to me by their parents and signed statements that their son was living with me with their permission for the son's safety from another family other words, child protective services really should have been involved but the family member knew how to play the game.

as i build this site i'll post pictures of me and events throughout my life.  my guestbook is ready and all submissions will be reviewed before any are posted to maintain a positive experience for all.  i'm really looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts and lessons that i've learned throughout my own life.  i hope to connect with you on some level so i win your trust and the opportunity to get to know you...the real you...the you that you let no one else see.  keep in mind that no one is perfect; we all make mistakes.  failure happens when one stops trying...not because he did not achieve his desired outcome on his first try.  did you stop trying to walk the first time you fell down as a baby?  if you're walking today, the answer is obviously "no."  and did your parents reject you because you smelled bad after pooping in your diaper?  :-)  get the picture?  we've all fallen down and we've all had dirty diapers.  we've all needed help getting cleaned up and sometimes we had to crawl around a bit so we could get over to something that could help us stand up to begin moving across the floor in our desired manner.  i'm reaching out to you with open arms and acceptance to be that helpful person in your life.  unless you snip or growl or try to bite me, you're going to be accepted.  you will test me to see if i'm being honest with you; it happens every time.  that's okay and it's normal.  i invite you to reach out to matter where you are in life or this world.
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