Daily Devotional- Enduring Forgiveness

The Prodigal Son: Luke 15:11–32

The Unforgiving Debtor: Matthew 18:21–35

Forgiveness isn’t something that easy, especially when we get hurt by someone that is close to us. But imagine the restoration we could bring about, the life and love we could bring, if every single time someone asks for our forgiveness, even the repeat offenders.

What if instead we actually erase the past when someone admits a trespass against us? What if we are swift to release blame and celebrate reconciliation? What if, the instant we see them returning to us, we meet them at a run? And what if we keep running toward them in love, every time they return to us with apology? Our spirits would mirror the spirit of God, His enduring forgiveness and love, as He instantly meets us in every apology at a run.

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