The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Goal Setting: A Kingdom Approach for Setting and Pursuing Goals to Position You for God’s Best in Business (2nd Edition)

“It is through diligence and prayer that the manifestation of all our goals will come through.” Shae Bynes

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Shae Bynes

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Chapter 4 The Bottom Line (pg 41)

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What’s It About?

When we view God correctly as an awesome and limitless God, we understand that He desires to play an active role in building our business. The goals we set and how we set them are different for an entrepreneur that is Kingdom motivated. Shae shares how we can still use S.M.A.R.T. but we must adjust how we go about each. Simply put, what seems unachievable to us, is entirely achievable for God when left up to Him for the results. You will be challenged on traditional ways of thinking for goal setting. A few things to consider are:

– goals formed on foundation of God’s word and leading of Holy Spirit

– dream big with God

– goals should align with what He has inspired 

– business should reflect the heart of God

– enjoy the process and journey!

How Has It Helped Me?

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Contributor: Brandon Galici

Book Details:

  • Copyright Date: 2020-10-12
  • Length: 4 Chapters
  • Referenced Bible Verses: Listed above.
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