Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #193 Finding Blessing in the Valley (with Abigail Holt-Jennings)

“It’s His job to fight the battle; it’s our job to trust Him to fight the battle.” – Abigail Holt-Jennings

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Girl of Hope

Episode Details:

  • Episode Date: 2018-10-17
  • Length: 35 Minutes
  • Other Episodes: 250 (replay)

Referenced Bible Verses:

Isaiah 45:3

Romans 8:11

2 Chronicles 20

2 Chronicles 20:25-26


What’s It About?

In the replay of this episode Shae tells us that this is one of her favorite episodes of the podcast as it holds a special place in her heart. As Shae stated, you will be extremely blessed. Abigail is a counselor and wellness coach who shares her amazing and powerful journey of healing and wholeness. You’ll hear how JUMPOLOGY came out of this journey. Abigail’s story is so powerful and engaging that many will find this episode a great encouragement for those with a cancer diagnosis, needing a shot of faith, seeing God as Provider, hearing encouragement about life after divorce as well as the physical and emotional healing already mentioned. Abigail’s episode immediately became my favorite episode when I heard the replay episode. I’m including only the original episode because it’s 2.5 minutes shorter without losing any of Abigail’s conversation.

How Has It Helped Me?

Being honest and vulnerable, this episode with Abigail is one of my favorites. As Shae states at the beginning, Abigail started sharing her story and just kept going. It would be difficult to stop her and not disrupt what was taking place. I was able to imagine what it would feel like being told that the cancer in my body was traveling and was inoperable. The force of the blow felt to hear “It’s terminal and you will die” must have felt so much worse than a gut punch from a professional boxer. Thinking about my kids and leaving them behind. And while I believe that Abigail shared her journey with Jesus through this time, I know there’s no way for her to communicate just how devastated she felt at times.

But God… Abigail was not alone and what God does for one, He does for us all. So once the quarantine started in March 2020 leaving us without any natural income, I returned her episode time and again to remind myself of the gentleness and love of God. Abigail’s story of hearing the news in the doctor’s office with her friends and how her attitude was changed just before she left inspired me. And then her story of healing as Jesus walked her through an open vision revealed even more of Jesus’ tenderness towards us. And then eventually Abigail gets to where she can introduce Jumpology to use. It was a real-life example of how we may be on a road that seems filled with curves, bumps, pot holes, and even flooded at places but God is with us and He uses each experience.

Abigail references scripture at least 3 times without providing where it is in the Bible. I located each and have provided them here. You can now read them for yourself and let Holy Spirit speak to you. You may not need them today but He will bring them back to mind in the future.

There were two things that Abigail shared that stood out to me so I have them printed and displayed around my house and office. One is the quote under her picture: “It’s His job to fight the battle; it’s our job to trust Him to fight the battle.” I know, for me, I want to be in control. When anxious thoughts attack, her statement comes to mind and triggers prayer asking Holy Spirit for scripture for that moment. The other statement was the quote from Bill Johnson. Abigail did a bit of bedazzling in the episode but I found the actual quote. “Any area of my life for which I have no hope is under the influence of a lie.” Again, this simple quote is a great reminder to turn around to Holy Spirit and ask for scripture. It’s not the quotes that have power and that’s important to remember.

Contributor: Robert Fulgham, Jr.

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