Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #246 Making the Shift to Doing Business in Partnership with God (Conversation with Keenya Kelly)

“Listen. You’re gonna hear; I promise. Holy Spirit cares more about you hearing than you care about hearing.” – Keenya Kelly

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Keenya Kelly

Episode Details:

  • Episode Date: 2020-01-15
  • Length: 35 Minutes
  • Referenced Bible Verses:       None
  • Other Episodes: 295


What’s It About?

Keenya Kelly, a creative consultant, shares her story of shifting from a 6 figure corporate job and a 6 figure network marketing business through an invitation from Holy Spirit into an adventure walk with Him. There’s background information that isn’t shared but the understanding is there that Keenya had business building knowledge and strategy. However, God had something else in mind. He gave instructions. Keenya was obedient. God brought the business to her.

How Has It Helped Me?

Keenya’s story was one of the episodes from Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast that inspired me during a most challenging time. Her immediate obedience stood out as I listened to her share her journey. I was impressed to hear how she announced a new business that she launched, spur of the moment, during a LIVE broadcast.

Divorce hurts. Keenya does not provide details about the circumstances but includes it as a major contributor to certain business decisions that she made at that time. This is inspired me even though my challenges are different.

“Finish the book!” Her story around that one sentence was brought to mind several times as I prayed for direction in August 2020. Out of that time came “The Project”. As we moved forward in September and October 2020 and continued to seek God for confirmation, I kept hearing that one simple sentence, “Finish the book.” I knew what that meant.

I no longer hold back. When I hear Holy Spirit speaking to me for someone else, I share it. I take the risk and let Holy Spirit show up to take it from there or at all.

We recommend that you listen to this episode first and then Episode #295 which is a follow up that takes place 1 year later. We have included a link to that episode in the Episode Details.

Contributor: Robert Fulgham, Jr.

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