Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #252 Shedding False Humility and Showing Up in Business (Conversation with Tasha Glover)

By not showing up, things God has deposited into you can’t be released into those He intended to receive them. – Tasha Glover Wisdom

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Tasha Glover

Episode Details:

  • Episode Date: 2020-03-04
  • Length: 41.5 Minutes
  • Referenced Bible Verses:        Mark 10:30
  • Other Episodes: 175
  • Host: Shae Bynes
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What’s It About?

Think of “false humility” as that person with awesome skills you know that always waits for others to recommend him or her, the wall flower, the quiet person in the back of the room. Tasha explains how false humility was showing up in her life, what it looked like, how it felt and how it was affecting her clients. Her own husband said; “Yeah, that’s you.”

You might be interested in listening to this episode to see how Tasha came about and uses a Victory Verse to avoid false humility. The stories that she shares are encouraging and will help build your faith and trust in God. This is a business focused podcast so of course those attempting to identify possible chains holding them back in business will find this to be a beneficial listen.

How Has It Helped Me?

When God says to “Get Visible”, it means to show up and stay visible. Sometimes we don’t realize the true value that we bring to others because of our false humility. We never know when God is going to speak through us to reach our client or friend in a way that they have been waiting to hear.

Tasha’s Victory Verse is Mark 10:30 NLT. will receive now in return a hundred times as many houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and property – ALONG WITH PERSECUTION.

By not showing up, things God has deposited into you can’t be released into those He intended to receive them.

I read through Tasha’s blog post and became interested in the chart she found. I’m not positive but I think I found it. You can access it here:  Sword of the Spirit 

As I read through the chart, I can safely say that PRIDE has not been an issue. If there are any on that list that I was ever guilty of, I’d be surprised. I was more likely to be on the FALSE HUMILITY side of TRUE HUMILITY. However, like Tasha, God started showing me that the thought patterns, behaviors, etc. were not helping me and actually keeping me from being the person He created me to be. I’d say that any of my thought patterns or behaviors that are not securely in the True Humility column are at least on the line that separates False Humility and True Humility.

Contributor: Robert Fulgham, Jr.

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