Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #295 The Power of Obedience and Authenticity in Business (Conversation with Keenya Kelly)

“So my job is to come in there, guns blazing, in a whole different way with just my smile, my dance and my TikTok.” – Keenya Kelly

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Keenya Kelly

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What’s It About?

Keenya returns a year later to update us on how business progressed, how she was stretched and how God showed up when she was obedient to His leading. Holy Spirit said, “Get on TikTok.” Keenya, not knowing anything about the platform, took immediate action (during the 2020 pandemic) and saw favor and increase in the process. The increase was not limited to her business as clients experienced growth as well. Keenya also shares how her business is God focused in a secular arena. Her story is business related but can be applied to any area of life by following the example that she provides.

How Has It Helped Me?

Keenya shares how she makes declarations. These are worded in a way that creates a win for everyone.

Obviously, Keenya is on TikTok. I love how she receives an instruction and gets started immediately. TikTok was a new platform that she knew nothing about but Keenya was immediately obedient and saw the results.

Keenya is a great example of looking beyond what we don’t understand to see how God is blessing the work. I may be doing something that places me in a similar position as Keenya and must remain aware of my own obedience and look beyond the comments and accusations to see how God is blessing my own work.

If God is taking me there, then He’s already provided all that I need to get there and grown once there.

We recommend that you listen to Episode #246 first and then this episode which is a follow up that takes place 1 year later. We have included a link to that episode in the Episode Details.

Contributor: Robert Fulgham, Jr.

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