Abigail Holt-Jennings

Warm heart. Big smile. Full of energy!  That’s Abigail Holt-Jennings!

However, it wasn’t always that way. Abigail’s experienced the highs and lows of life. As a mother of two beautiful young kids, Abigail faced a very painful divorce which left her asking many questions. She knows how it feels to lose loved ones at a very young age. And then, there was that second diagnosis for cancer that ended with “it’s terminal and you will die.”

But God! Abigail turned to the source of her hope; the source that made her the “Girl of Hope” and the one she so lovingly shares with others. Drawing from these experiences, Abigail shares as an author, trainer, counselor and speaker how The God of all hope and life brought healing to every area of her life.

Abigail is currently an online counselor and a staff counselor at Bethel Atlanta Church in Tyrone, GA.  She is also the founder of Jumpology (learn more at your Girl of Hope website).

Business Focus:

Counselor / Wellness Coach

Abigail Within The Project:

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #193

Contact Information

Business Website: www.GirlofHope.com

Email: abigail@girlofhope.com

Phone: 706 – 410 – 0509


Social Media Connections

Facebook:  abigail.jennings1975

Instagram:  @abigailhjennings


Fun Facts

This former Miss Georgia used a trampoline as her main form of exercise when preparing for any of the pageants leading up to Miss America.