Tasha Glover

Tasha Glover is a wife and a homeschooling mom of 3 little blessings. She simply operates in whatever authority our Father releases to her. Tasha admits that it looks different in each season of her life. In this season, she is CEO of Tech with Tasha, a branding and digital marketing agency where she gets to lead a team of spirit-led creatives and introduce the world to the results of branding and marketing with grace and excellence. She is Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified and provides courses, group programs, mentoring and strategy as a Wisdom in Business Strategist.

Tasha supports the entrepreneur who feels a faith tug/push/launch into something so big it takes the wisdom of God and Kingdom collaboration to get it done. Tasha point out that we may not realize it but we are visionaries, pioneers or trailblazers in the spirit and God is calling us to manifest our destinies in the marketplace. God has given Tasha wisdom to partner in helping point people to His heart and remind them of the access we all have to His wisdom.

Tasha is that business partner that you really want but don’t realize is available. She will help you with building your brand, marketing and strategies from the position of being the facilitator that helps YOU hear Holy Spirit for your business. You start your sessions with much prayer and seek Holy Spirit for guidance as you work through questions that define your business. When finished, you begin to see the vision in a whole new way through colors that reflect what Holy Spirit is doing within your business.

You’ll notice from her three websites that Tasha is a niche serial entrepreneur. Each was added to fulfill needs identified from her clients. While her client can start working with Tasha in any of these, she has found the best results come from the order listed to the right.

Tasha Within The Project:

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #175

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Business Website:  Tasha Gover

Business Website:  Brand with Grace

Business Website: Tech with Tasha

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Facebook:  MrsTashaGlover

Instagram:  TechWithTasha

Instagram:    BrandWithGrace 

Business Focus

Branding, Digital Marketing, and Business Strategist (Holy Spirit-Led God Strategies)