The Project

Our mission is to provide a place for people to find targeted resources that will help them spend more time growing their relationship with God and less time searching for resources.

In our own searches we have found and sometimes stumbled across some resources that are filled with practical applications, examples, new ways of looking at life situations and chocked full of golden nuggets and God mic-drop moments.

This is our concept site. What we’re building is much more than we can possibly show you here. Everything will change and we promise you’ll love what is delivered.



The Benefits

God loves you so much. No matter where you are in your relationship with Him, God desires the relationship be even closer.


Categorized Resources

For any relationship to grow, invested time is required. Maximize that time by allowing us to help you find the resources quickly so you can relax your mind and take in the content.

Multiple Resource Formats

Some people love to read a hard cover book while others prefer listening to an audio or watching a video. We get it. So we’ve included as many formats as we can find for each resource.

Video Devotionals

We’re taking some of the resources and creating a video devotional to go along with the resource.These are intended to be short and inspiring but not a replacement of it.





“The Project is an easy way to search through tons of great Christian tools and resources. Robert & Tim have an incredible heart to help people in their journey of discipleship.”

– David Thompson

“Tim’s daily devotional videos are a great way to hear from God’s word and how we can apply it in our daily lives.”

– Luke Beller

“Robert and Tim have always lifted me up and helped me find a better perspective on so many situations faced in life daily. This spiritual repository of resources to help stay focused on the life that God has in store for us, is immeasurably appreciated. I look forward to growing in faith and this is a definite reinforcement to help do just that! Blessings to these wonderful hearts!”

– Teresa Ustanik