Daily Devotional- It’s Okay… to NOT Be Perfect

This started with a request for devotionals around the idea of it being okay to fail. As I prayed through this, it seemed that Holy Spirit was telling me that the request was actually much deeper. Therefore, this will be a multi-part devotional.

Have you ever become discouraged by what seemed to be a growing mound of mistakes? Did you feel slaughtered from an attack of accusations of being a failure in everything you do? And if you think about Jesus being perfect and having it easy, you really begin to feel the weight of your failures.

But are they really failures?

Join me as we begin a journey; a journey that “It’s Okay”.

What is Holy Spirit saying to you?

Reference Mark 6:1-3, Isaiah 53:2 and Hebrews 4:14-16

Thank you for joining us each day as we share lessons that Holy Spirit is bringing or has brought to us. And be sure to check out tomorrow’s devotional.


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