Camelle Daley

Camelle Daley, as of this writing, has 21 years and more than 15,000 hours of actual business world experience. She’s a speaker, trainer, coach as well as CEO of House of Ilona. In her spare time, she wrote, Finding Divine Flow, and started the magazine, Ordained.

Growing up in London, England allowed her many opportunities to grow her relationship with God, learn to rely on Him, and see that nothing is impossible when partnering with Almighty God. Camelle’s interests vary greatly and this reliance upon God set her on a path of achievement. She has diplomas in business fashion, marketing, sales and negotiation techniques and project management.

Camelle found that journalling was a helpful way for her to record and sort out her life and that reviewing her journals helped propel her forward in whatever her endeavor may be.

You may have seen Camelle’s work in places like the Washington Post, HuffPost, The Times, Telegraph, BBC Radio, Premier Radio, W2W Podcast, The Voice Newspaper and possibly her own podcast show, Finding Divine Flow.

We encourage you to check out Camelle’s website for more information on her and how she might be able to help you get over and beyond challenges that you’ve faced. She’s warm and welcoming and very raw at times in sharing her own experiences. Authenticity is important for the connection and she does this well.

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 Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #297


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