Robert Morris

Robert Morris is the currently Senior Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX.

This profile is not managed or maintained by Pastor Robert and you are unable to communicate directly with him through here. The profile is intended to provide ways to connect with him or follow him on social media as well as provide insight. Please be aware that there are FAKE accounts for Pastor Robert. We believe that all of his accounts that we have listed here are VERIFIED and marked as such. Pastor Robert never creates a “private” account to communicate with anyone for any reason. Please report any account that approaches you as Pastor Robert Morris that is not verified as these are scams.

Our intention is to provide people with resources that we have found to be grounded and aligned with The Holy Bible to assist them in getting right to the heart of God’s message. There are many resources to sort through and the task can become daunting to the point where many will give up. Pastor Robert’s sermon series and books provided here are ones that we have found helpful for ourselves. His communication style is easy to follow and the stories help drive the point home. We have attempted to provide only one sermon series per book and the most recent sermons when multiples are provided on the church’s website or YouTube. We have avoided YouTube sermon versions posted by non-Gateway Church channels to avoid possible editing of original productions.

Any search result on our site that includes a resource by Pastor Robert Morris can be considered a “select first” resource. However, more of the current sermon videos will include the entire worship service. We will attempt to provide a “starting point time” should you need to move directly to the start of the sermon. For books, we have made every attempt possible to break down by chapter when time is short. Because Pastor Robert Morris tends to build upon layers, our recommendation is to read the entire book but we understand that some people prefer reading only the chapters of a book that directly apply to them.

Please, should anyone contact you on behalf of our site as Pastor Robert Morris or any others not related to our team, do not hesitate to let us know. Your online safety is important to us.

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Pastor Robert LOVES peanuts in his Dr. Pepper.

He’s a ketchup connoisseur.

Lay’s potato chips go great with Blue Bell Ice Cream.