Shelley Hitz

As a writing mentor and self-publishing expert, Shelley Hitz is on a mission to help make your God-given dream of writing and publishing a book a reality. Your story matters to God and will impact and encourage others as you take this courageous step of faith. 

She specializes in helping Christian authors write words that will outlive you and publish books that fulfill your calling through her online membership, Christian Book Academy.

Shelley was first paid for her writing in fifth grade after winning a writing contest. Little did she know she would resign from her 12-year career as a Physical Therapist over 20 years later to write and coach authors full-time. She is best known for injecting energy and enthusiasm into everything she does and inspiring those around her to take action.

Shelley and her husband, CJ, are the hosts of the podcast, Kingdom Writers. You can access her free training for writers at

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Kingdom Writers: A Podcast for Christian Writers of All Genres

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