Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong is one of those individuals that you just like as soon as you meet him. It’s one of the things that helps him as an entrepreneur.  But Tim wasn’t living in a state of peace.  His goals had him chasing everything but a relationship with God.  After everything else failed, Tim decided it was time to get serious about building the most important relationship he would ever have.

A passionate reader, Tim loves to share what he’s learning with others.  He also enjoys interacting with people on various social media platforms through his posts and comments.  Tim is also a natural in front of the camera and loves producing video content.  As The Project became more defined, Tim began to find his place.

Tim grew up in Minnesota where frozen lakes and pick up ice hockey games are the winter focus. He’ll quickly tell you that’s one thing he misses about Minnesota.  Tim now lives in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex where ice hockey games are only inside but golf is a great year-round replacement.  Tim is currently a member of Gateway Church.

Contact Information

Business Email:  Info@hometowninterests.com

Website: www.HometownInterests.com 


Social Media Connections

Facebook:  TimArmstrong

Instagram:  TimArmstrong94

Twitter:  TimArmstrong94

YouTube:  The Project

Hobbies & Interests

Working out, outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, traveling