Hearing God’s Voice

In casual conversation, most people will say they hear God’s voice clearly and act upon His instructions. However, in private, many really don’t know how to recognize God’s voice because they are expecting Him to speak to them audibly. God speaks to us through His Word (The Holy Bible), through His still, small voice, through movies, through nature… point is, He speaks to us. We’ve heard the saying, “The devil made me do it.” so we think we know his voice; but what about those times when you hear a whisper and think it’s God when it isn’t?

We have several recommendations that we believe are solid and grounded to help you learn to hear God’s voice more clearly so you can act upon what He shares with you faster. There are stories to illustrate and while there are other resources that include examples, this group of resources is dedicated entirely to teaching you to hear the voice of God.

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

Coming Soon: Robert Morris | Frequency: Tune In. Hear God.

Frequency: Tune In. Hear God