Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #251 Embracing the Daily Adventure with Jesus in Business (Conversation with Lisa van den Berg)

“As you’re doing business, embrace the way God made you to do it. Don’t try to make yourself what you’re not; embrace who you are and let the Holy Spirit add His ‘super’ to your ‘natural’.” – Lisa van den Berg

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur | Adventures With Jesus Today

Episode Details:

  • Episode Date: 2020-02-26
  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Other Episodes: None

Referenced Bible Verses:

Mark 11:23

Matthew 5:16

Matthew 6:33


What’s It About?

Lisa shares how she once thought Christians were weak because they relied on God instead of themselves. It seemed to her that as a Christian she couldn’t pursue entrepreneurial dreams. Then at age 30 an encounter with God took place and He affirmed that she could pursue excellence in business while still being in relationship with Him. Lisa jokes here how she thought Jesus was a new tool in her belt (her ultimate success tool). Therefore, she pursued business ambitiously with that mindset until she realized that there was an invitation to more.

Lisa shares the fun story of how she grew in relationship with Him and shifted from grinding (relying on her own strength) to working in partnership with Him and by the leading of Holy Spirit.  Now she enjoys daily adventures with Jesus in business and is inspiring others to do the same.

This episode had entrepreneurs in mind but you might also find your faith being encouraged as you hear how Lisa seeks direction from God, how she phrases questions to Holy Spirit, shares earnestly from the heart, provides her personal stories including a story where she mentions that she is a cancer survivor. Allow Holy Spirit to speak to you through the experiences of a fellow Believer.

How Has It Helped Me?

Lisa van den Berg’s episode is one of several that I review regularly. I do this especially when things aren’t going as I expected/wanted/thought. I go back to Lisa’s stories about God’s Definition of Success, You’re Not Asking the Right Question, and God Show Me Who Will See This.

One thing that Lisa shared has been very helpful to me. She starts her day with a prayer, “In YOUR purpose in what you have, what does ‘success’ look like for YOU today? Because that is what I want.” I have a few friends that love to talk. I love to talk. So putting the two of us together can cause me to lose valuable time. However, God showed me how I’m actually helping the other person and that’s more important to God at the moment than the other tasks I wanted to complete.

Lisa is also famous for her “You mean I GET to do this?” statement/question. It has helped me with perspective and move forward when I had doubts or fears. This is one of my go-to episodes when I need encouragement or when I hear someone in need of encouragement.

Contributor: Robert Fulgham, Jr.

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