Lisa van den Berg

Lisa van den Berg is one of those individuals you immediately feel comfortable being around. From her contagious giggle to her way of expressing awe and wonder of Jesus, Lisa will draw you in quickly and innocently. Her heart for seeing people shine just can’t help but come through. You’ll also quickly learn that she is an entrepreneur at heart and has been since a very young age. Whatever the most current business tool for growing a business – Lisa studied and implemented it with passion. It wasn’t until after her introduction to who Jesus really is that she began to seek Him for the relationship first and allow His power to then work through her.

Lisa is a Life Purpose Coach. Her approach is to help the person through guided activities where Holy Spirit shares with the person. Lisa understands the importance of allowing Holy Spirit to be the revealer. The activities are fun and those who take the activities seriously walk away with a new understanding of who he or she is in Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to check out her Podcast – Adventures With Jesus Today. Many of the episodes are short (15 minutes or less) yet packed with revelation that can be immediately applied. Lisa is a no-nonsense and focused person. While being a “lists” person and knowing the importance of getting as many tasks completed on the list as quickly as possible, Lisa also knows the importance of allowing God-interruptions throughout the day.

I remember the first time I listened to Lisa’s podcast episode that we have highlighted here. Her accent made it challenging at times to understand what she was saying but I knew she was dropping golden nuggets left and right. I had to listen a couple of times to adjust my ears; so glad I did. I encourage you to do the same and to check out her website and various social media profiles.

Fun facts about Lisa van den Berg:

  • Born in South Africa, lived in the UK for a while and has lived in 3 or more states in the United States (currently in Texas).
  • Thinks 59 degrees fahrenheit is COLD (I agree!)

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Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #251

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