Cancer Survivor

There was a time when a diagnosis of “cancer” seemed to mean “death sentence”. Diagnosed cases seemed to soar and the phrase “we’re all going to die of something” was regularly heard. It was all to ease the pain. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve been diagnosed with any type of cancer, listen to these stories and take courage.

It’s About the Adventure

Lisa tells her story of her start in business, how it ties into her encounter with God and how she’s gone from seeing life as filled with challenges to being on a daily adventure with Jesus. As Lisa is sharing about her adventures, she brushes across being diagnosed with cancer. You’ll most likely pick up on why she didn’t feel the need to share the details. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Lisa.

Embracing the Daily Adventure with Jesus in Business 

But a Rebounder?

Abigail’s story will encourage you, regardless of your current circumstances and situations. Being told “it’s terminal and you will die” is never the words that anyone diagnosed with cancer wants to hear, especially as a single parent with children. Yet out of that experience came physical healing, emotional healing and financial provision through intimate and vulnerable time with God. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Abigail to hear how Jumpology became Abigail’s Valley of Blessing.

Finding Blessing in the Valley