Stories That Illustrate

Stories keep us engaged and help us remember details. The resources that you’ll find here have those stories. We’re making a record of the stories to help you find them later when you need a refresher. We know the value because they are stories that we’ve gone back to as well when we were in a similar situation. Keep in mind, while one person might be talking about his/her business, God is the same in all situations so how a person prayed through a difficult time or how he/she used the Bible to identify a truth, can work for you, too. Sometimes, you might want to listen the podcast episodes just to be encouraged…do it! Books…bookmark the pages with the stories so you can get back to them quickly. Let these build you up.

It’s About the Adventure

Lisa tells her story of her start in business, how it ties into her encounter with God and how she’s gone from seeing life as filled with challenges to being on a daily adventure with Jesus. As Lisa is sharing about her adventures, she brushes across being diagnosed with cancer. You’ll most likely pick up on why she didn’t feel the need to share the details. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Lisa.

Embracing the Daily Adventure with Jesus in Business

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

Coming Soon: Robert Morris | Frequency: Tune In. Hear God.

Frequency: Tune In. Hear God

Let Him Be the Source


Listen in as Tasha shares how she was challenged but committed to allowing GOD to be her source over herself trying to make things happen. God’s instructions were not the grinding way of doing things. Tasha kept her focus and stood on God’s word. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Tasha and listen for the “8 days later” surprise.

Trusting God as the Source of Your Provision

False Humility Cheats Others


Think of “false humility” as that person with awesome skills you know that always waits for others to recommend him or her, the wall flower, the quiet person in the back of the room. Tasha explains how false humility was showing up in her life, what it looked like, how it felt and how it was affecting her clients. Her own husband said; “Yeah, that’s you.” Tasha now has a Victory Verse that applies to all of us so listen in. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Tasha.

Shedding False Humility and Showing Up in Business

But a Rebounder?


Abigail’s story will encourage you, regardless of your current circumstances and situations. Being told “it’s terminal and you will die” is never the words that anyone diagnosed with cancer wants to hear, especially as a single parent with children. Yet out of that experience came physical healing, emotional healing and financial provision through intimate and vulnerable time with God. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Abigail to hear how Jumpology became Abigail’s Valley of Blessing.

Finding Blessing in the Valley

Testimonies Are the Resume of God


Andy instructs us to listen to the testimonies of others on a daily basis. It’s a feeding and a revelation of who God is. Andy shares a few testimonies here and one in particular jumps out as extremely encouraging and what these business owners are doing is something any business owner can do to minister to their customers/clients/guests. Click the link below for more details on this podcast episode with Andy.

When Heaven Invades the Marketplace with Andy Mason